A note from Public Health

Please note that Public Health continues to offer immunizations.  Parents of Kindergarten students, either currently in Kindergarten or starting Kindergarten in the fall of 2020,  please contact Public Health at 250 833 4101 to book an appointment for your child’s Kindergarten immunizations.

SAW – Daily Health Check

Dear SAW Families,

For families of children returning to school, this form is similar to the pdf form sent to you by email.

NOTE:  This online form must be completed in order for your child to board the bus each morning.

NOTE:  A paper copy of the health check will be sent home with your child at the end of each day.  A completed paper copy can also be used to board the bus each morning.



Student Voice

Kylie Dalin going for a ride!
Addison Dalin helping out with dinner.

Brock and Sadie Wallis are collecting bugs!

Karter doing some math homework!
Robbie enjoying the outdoors by kayaking in his field.
The Hindbo boys doing science ‘egg-specimens!’
Adley and Haylen Reid celebrate their 8th birthday today!
A positive message to our community from Rebecca and Natalie Demer.