November 26-30

Last week was our first reporting period goal setting conference for most of our students. This was an opportunity to find out how your child is doing at school and to collaboratively identify a goal or goals specific to the child to help move them ahead in their learning.  As a principal, my own goal is to be aware of each student’s individual goal and to talk with them about their progress as often as possible. Keeping the goals in the forefront of each day will help students be successful.

Friday November 30 is hot lunch day. Our PAC president has been in contact with DeMilles and they are ensuring that if the Romaine lettuce caution is still in effect, there will be no romaine in the wraps. They will substitute another “green”. Thanks for looking after us!

WINTER CONCERT is approaching very quickly!! Our winter concert is Wednesday December 5 starting at 12:45. Doors will open at 12:00.  Save the date!

Have a spectacular week!