October 22-26

Toonie Tuesday is October 23.  We are hoping to collect a toonie from as many people as possible.  Proceeds from Toonie Tuesday are used in two ways: to support local projects and to support Me To We’s work in impoverished areas to provide clean water and education. Please donate what you can, even if it isn’t a toonie:)

Last week was interim report card week. Interims can look different in different classrooms. Some teachers may choose to do open house conferences, others may choose to do a written report, a parent meeting or a phone call. If you haven’t been in contact with your child’s teacher yet, please give them a call at the school at 250.832.3862.

Hot lunch: PAC is holding a hot lunch on Halloween day- the ever favourite “Taco in a Bag”.  Orders are due this Thursday October 25, 2018.

Halloween is coming up quickly. We will have a costume parade at the school first thing in the morning on Halloween day (October 31, 2018).  We ask that parents check their child’s costume carefully. Fake weapons, blood and gore are too scary for us! Please leave those items at home. Thank you!

Still on the Halloween theme, we just want to remind people that we have a number of students and staff who are really allergic to nuts and peanuts. Please do NOT send any treats containing nuts to school, even if you don’t intend for your child to share them. Even touching surfaces where traces of nut residues remain is enough to cause some of our community members to stop breathing. Thanks for understanding.

Have a wonderful week!