We’re off and running!

Wow! It was so nice to see everyone again as they arrived at school yesterday. We are the luckiest school ever to have such as great group of kids. We have finished our class division process and students will be taken into their new classrooms today. All of our classes are combined classes this year.

K/1: Mrs. Sutherland and then Mrs. Sharp

1/2: Ms. Rusk and Ms. Owens (Thursdays)

2/3: Mrs. Langlois

3/4: Ms. Hannis

4/5: Mr. Jakobsen

We really want to let everyone know that when we chose which students were put into which class, we did NOT divide them by solely academic standing. In other words, we didn’t move the “smartest” grade 2’s into the 2/3 etc.  We do consider academics, but there are a lot of other factors we consider as well such as learning styles, teaching styles, composition of class, maintaining a good mix of leaders, individual learning needs and so much more. We agonized over the placements quite honestly for most of the summer, and we think the classes are now looking really solid.

We are looking forward to welcoming our incoming K’s today and tomorrow as they attend in small groups for the afternoon only. After the end of next week,  K’s will be attending all day. So exciting!

One last thing– an early heads up- our welcome back pizza night is scheduled for Wednesday September 19. Save the date!!